Personal Training Forest Lake is not about a quick fix to weight loss or health, therefore we focus on a long-term physical and mental change based on education, fitness, nutrition, motivation, attitude, lifestyle and science. Because we want our clients to look fabulous, feel fantastic, and reap the many benefits of what physical exercise and a healthier lifestyle can bring.

Most importantly with the help of one of our qualified Personal Trainers we will guarantee that you improve the quality of your life, due to our goal focused approach to setting meaningful health goals we have helped over 2000 clients change there life for the better. Unique Fitness Group personal trainers are very passionate about health and care deeply about our clients health and welfare, due to the increase of health problems and the rise of obesity the need for health services has never been greater to help combat health problems Australians face today.

Fantastic Benefits

  • Health Education
  • Perfect Form And Reduce Injury’s
  • Help With Unique Requirements
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Specific Goals, Such As Training For A Event
  • Keep You Accountable
  • No Wasted Time = Maximum Results
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Support And Guidance
  • Form Good Habits
  • Training Plans
  • Fit In With Your Schedule
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Challenge You To Improve

Group Fitness

Slim n’ Fit group fitness classes take place in local parks around Forest Lake, Springfield Lakes and surrounding suburbs.

Conducted by a trained professional, you can be sure all of our group fitness classes will provide you with a low cost way to achieve big weight loss results.

Personal Training

Personal training conditions are flexible and adaptive to your needs. Our trainers will work with you to overcome any barriers preventing you from achieving your goals.

Weight Loss Coaching

Weight loss coaching is a great way to focus just on losing weight, helping you get to your desired weight loss goal faster.

Services are offered as:

  • Mobile Training
  • In Your Home Training
  • Local Parks
  • Corporate Offices For Business
  • Online

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